My craft and artistic production focuses on the creation of objects and sculptures in ceramics and wood.

My passion for sculpture and modeling was born in adolescence, when I began to model small miniatures, such as "toy soldiers". For years I dedicated myself to the modeling of figures in scale of different types, participating in various exhibitions and obtaining national and international awards in the miniature field.
But I wanted to create bigger sculptures, so I approached the clay, and discovered a new universe of possibilities.
I then began to model clay to create small and medium-sized sculptures, and I had a glimpse of all the possibilities offered by the material.
For personal use I decided to model everyday tableware such as cups and glasses; I approached the pottery wheel, and I began a training path in constant evolution.
In the need to create something personal, I tried to link my production of ceramics to the territory in which I live, the Aosta Valley.
How? By producing glazes made with raw materials of mineral and vegetable origin, collected near my Atelier. It is a process of experimentation, research and a lot of patience and passion, that leads to the creation of unique objects, completely handmade and decorated with the essence of the Aosta Valley.